Frustration for mental health assistance dog users

dog and human hand

We do get many emails like Michael voicing their frustration at the legal weaknesses in providing support and access for sufferers of menthal health disabilities

“i find it very disheartening and frustrating that i am discriminated against from using public amenities because my dog has not be trained by a charity. AS THERE IS NOT ONE THAT TRAIN DOGS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES LIKE MINE.

my disability may not be physical, but it is still a disability.

my dog is trained to help with that very disability by myself (i have diplomas in dog training canine behaviour and psychology) my dog assists in situations i would normally find impossible, and makes my independence and functionality possible.

he is the very definition of an assistance dog.

but i CANNOT be afforded the same rights under the Equality Act of the accessibility to public places because charities which claims to help people in my situation were not involved?.

its not right..”


There are a few charities attempting to start such schemes – see our links page for more details, but its true far more support is needed in the assistance dog space. Legally all disabilitiy suffers are protected by the same Equality legislation and some sufferers have used this legislation successfully. Sadly the ongoing lack of UK systems and processes continue to prevent suffers receiving the protection and support! Ed