Articles about Dogs and Depression

Man and rescue dog on beach

Dogs in the Press

Here are some articles on dogs for depression and other reports that may be of interest

Press Articles About Dogs for Depression

 “Dogs For Depression” Myhealthtalk, November 2011

– after coming across our site, Jo at Myhealthtalk was inspired to write a blog article

“Dogs for Depression” Mental Healthy October 2011

– an article covering the lack of awareness and buy in amongst the public and medical practioners in the UK to the benefits dogs bring in helping depression

Other Press Articles Of Interest

Health Benefits of Dogs

“Pets are better than Prozac”

The Telegraph 2006


“Walking the dog beats loneliness and depression”

The Daily Mail November 2006


More about Endal the Canine Partners Service Dog

BBC News


Animal Therapy For Depression

E-zine, 2006


Pet Therapy In Psychology, Oct 2008

Animal Welfare

“Abandoned Animals soar amidst credit crunch”

RSPCA, 27 April 2009