Lisa’s dog helped her overcome anxiety

Lisa’s* dog helped her overcome anxiety to get out and about again.

Lisa* suffered from severe anxiety and depression which had gradually got worse over the past few years. Even though she has a supportive family she’d stopped going into shops, stopped driving and walking down a street was difficult for her, even if she was with her family.

Without her yorkshire terrier Rosie, Lisa would not go out, although Rosie has no ‘special training’ she has had a huge impact on Lisa’s life. Lisa started driving again and with her terrier securely strapped in the passenger seat she feel’s safe.


“”My little dog has helped me so much – I suppose she is like a comfort blanket, and because she cannot look after herself I have to take her out. She is quite bossy and tells me when she wants to go for a walk!!””


Rosie’s small size makes it easier for Lisa to take her out and about so she can support Lisa, and she’s had relatively little trouble in gaining access.


“Yes sometimes when I take her in a shop(normally in my hand bag!) I get some funny looks. But for the most part people think she’s cute and in two years I have only been asked twice not to bring her in again’..even though she was in a bag and they wern’t food shops.”


“It is a shame that there can’t be some sort of change to recognise dogs like mine as an assistance dog because if it wasn’t for her..I probably would not be here today. Thank you for your website.”


* Name changed for confidentiality

Well done on getting your depression under control –  I know how much of a battle that can be. I’m glad your support dog has been such a great help. – Ed