Misha rescues Jake

Misha and Jake

Misha has written to tell us how the information on Dogs for Depression helped her get permission from her landlady to keep an emotional support dog and, with a little help from the Dogs Trust, rescue abandoned dog Jake.

“I just wanted to thank you for the advice and information provided on this website especially under the Rented Housing setting.


This information gave myself and my carer the courage to ask our landlady about getting a rescue dog to support me. After lengthy discussions surrounding insurance etc she agreed to our suggestion.


I am now pleased to say that thanks to the Dogs Trust I have a gorgeous 2 year dog called Jake who provides me with company, confidence, cuddles and non judgmental understanding and companionship!


Thank you once again”

Its so encouraging to see the information here being used to increase landlords’ willingness to permitting support dogs in rented housing. I am thrilled you’ve been able to adopt Jake as your support dog. All the very best, Ed