Our Website Inspired Victoria

Our website and personal stories inspired Victoria* to make a case with her support worker.

Once again the issue of having an emotional support dog in rented accommodation that has a no-pets clause has come to the fore. Victoria* found our site after asking her landlord to consider a dog. I hope these stories help raise the profile of how important dogs can be for our health and acceptance of support dogs. Here’s her feedback:

“I had to contact you. I can’t believe I have found this website. I live in rented accomodation, been in the same place for 15 years. A good tenant. I have long and complex history of mental health/psychological problems . I asked letting agent/landlord if they would consider my having a dog. My care team support this idea. There is a strict no dog policy so i am not allowed. So now my care co ordinator’s going to write a letter to see if that would help sway their decision. I want to contact you because it’s a great site. It has given me hope. It is thought that owning a dog could be life changing for me. I have come a long way in my journey, but still struggle a lot . I just wanted to thank you for this site, I am glad to have ‘found’ this at this profound time on my journey. Very best wishes”

* Name changed for confidentiality

I’m really glad the information here encouraged you and wish you all the very best for your application- Ed