History of Dogs for Depression

dog and human hand

Formed in 2009, Dogs for Depression was inspired by its founder’s personal experience of recovering from severe depression with the aid of a rescued emotional support dog.

After countless medications, many with side effects as challenging as the depression illness itself, rescuing a support dog finally provided the strength and support needed to combat the illness.

Frustrated by the universal lack of awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance among medical professionals and clinicians of the genuine psychological difference her emotional support dog was making in life, she founded Dogs for Depression which provides a web-based awareness campaign and information service about the need for emotional support and psychological assistance dogs.

Since it was started, Dogs for Depression has had a powerful response from the public: the number of heartfelt messages of support received from people combating their illness with emotional support dogs clearly indicates the organisation has struck a strong chord.


starrydog at blakeney
starrydog at blakeney